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Last Major Update V11 on 06-Feb-2006. Over 1000 updates or new names added. Mainly to the MAIDMENT line.


This index is in 3 parts. A Surname list, A Persons Index and then individual information about that person and a five generation chart if available.

The first page you start with is the Surname page. All surnames are contained on a single page. After selecting a surname you will be taken to a Person Index page. Because of the size of the index it is split over many pages. Person Index pages may be displayed as a list of individuals or you may be presented with a "from to" list. e.g. Joe BLOGGS - Bill STICKERS. This will depend on your entry point into the Person Index. Select from the range the person you are interested in from this list to get to the individuals list. After selecting the individual from the list you will end up on the Individuals page and be presented with mother, father, children, dates and places information and a five generation chart if known.

What you don't get.

Persons born after 1911 whether living or dead have their data suppressed. They do appear in the index but do not show any information. No one born after 1925 is shown. Download the full index for this.

All personal notes are suppressed.

All source names and addresses are suppressed.

 Understanding the data.

In the main it is fairly straight forward but there are a few facts that you should be aware of. Names written as Bessie ! means that the first name is known but the family name is not known. A double exclamation mark !! means that no names are known but the marriage did occur and/or there is a child whose name is not known. A Question Mark ? means that the name or spelling is uncertain.

A name in parenthesis e.g. Maidment (Maydman), is normally an alternative spelling that has been found. It can apply to a few individuals in the family or a complete name change in the line. In some cases it applies to an individual who changed their name by Deed Pole.

Marriage can also mean "marriage by mortgage" or living together with children. But not normally just living together because that means there is no bonding between them.

There are some dates with a reference tag against them. They will look like this:- 12-Mar-1881 ®21. This means that the date has been calculated from other data and therefore it is very subjective. A Marriage Date field with no date but with ®11 in it's place means that the person didn't marry. This only applies to persons of marrying age and not to those who died young. See Notes means that the dates are doubtful and that there is an explanation in the notes. They mainly refer to where to search to for the information so these should be taken as having no dates.

You may or may not be aware that the calendar changed in 1751 when 11 days of September were removed to enable the seasons to synchronise with time. Prior to this the year started on the 25th March. This causes confusion because 10-Feb-1650 on the old calendar would be 10-Feb-1651 today. In the main this has been corrected to 10-Feb-1650/1 to show both calendars at once. However, this cannot be guaranteed. So take care with dates prior to 1752 for England. Also, to make matters worse, the European continent converted in 1582 and Scotland in 1600.

The families are predominately from England, Guernsey, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and India in that order of "quantity" in the data base. There is a smattering of other countries for one or two individuals.


Database Errors

Any errors should be reported by mailing my administrator Ele Hat. She will perform a check and correct any errors and contact you for further information if required. Errors are usually corrected within one month. The administrator does not have the means to answer specific questions about individuals or families but will pass this information on.

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