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Last Major Update V11 on 06-Feb-2006. Over 1000 updates or new names added. Mainly to the MAIDMENT line.


A family tree I gave someone and said that living persons were not to be put on the web, did so on Genesreunited. Worse, they gave my tree to someone else who did the same.

Now, Genesreunited rules state that consent must be obtained before living people are put on the site. This was not obtained. I have managed to get one of the people to remove the info. The other one won't play ball. I have Emailed Genesreunited many times asking them to remove the data without success. In fact they just ignore you.

Two things I have learnt.

1. Never supply names of the living.

2. Don't trust Genesreunited.



The following websites are either SCAMS or the data has been obtained by use of a Web Crawler from a free site (like this one) and are now charging you for it.

Mytrees or Kindred Konnections

They have somehow managed to get my entire web site into theirs and are charging for it. How they have done this I do not know but I suspect some sort of web crawler. However, they have me as born 1702 and I'm the direct son of my 7th Great Grandfather!!! This is actually one of hundreds of errors which they flatly refuse to correct or remove. Going beyond the initial search will cost you money. DON'T GO THERE.


For further information on Family History/Genealogy scams then visit The International Black Sheep Society of Genealogists. Don't be put off by the name. It's a great site. You'll think twice about what you pay for.


This group helps spread the word about scams, fraud, exchanges ideas and swap situations they have had and how to avoid them. See the discussion site Gen Fraud Group.


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